Thursday, May 7, 2009

Diana Coatsworth - Flyball Bags

Repurposed vintage fabrics transform into stylish bags and accessories by Diana Coatsworth , Flyball Bags

1.) What do you enjoy most about having an Etsy shop?
Freedom to create items and easily list them. as well as change them whenever I want. I’m not amazing on the computer, so it's just a really low budget way to get FlyBall out to a larger audience without pulling my hair out!

2.) How did you come up with your shop name? ~ I looked for a name that meant unique, original and funky and up came Flyball... I thought it was such a cool name that I had not heard of before... well now I realize it's also a popular dog game. I still like it though!

3.) What is your inspiration as an artist/designer?
my fabrics! I use mostly recycled and vintage fabrics and I like to use that as the initial inspiration for all my designs to create one of a kind pieces

4.) Can you tell us a bit about your background as an artist/designer/crafter?
I’ve been crafty all my life. made a biz of it about 6 years ago. I'm also an actor, singer and dancer in theatre and TV/film and it was initially a tool to keep my creative spark going when the acting was slow. Now it's like a balance between the 2 careers. I’m either fully into acting or the next week. I’m all about flyballbags. actually, a lot of times the worlds collide and it's really a juggle.

5.) Tell me a bit about your creative process.
Scavenge for cool fabrics... play play play in the sewing room, make a mess. Come out with sweet unique bags for all to enjoy.

6.) What are your plans for the rest of the year?
I have another quite successful shop on Etsy that I devote a good amount of time to. My vintage site I’ll be at the Clothing show May 1-3 with my vintage fashion. I may be doing some other craft shows too. I’m also hoping to be accepted into the conservatory at Stratford. So by September, I could be full time Shakespeare! I don't like to plan ahead too much. I believe this year great things will happen. It's all a changing around us and I just know it's going to be good!

Visit Diana on May 16th at A Spring Handmade Market or on Etsy at

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